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Feld Hommes Magazine

Feld Hommes is the brainchild of and creative director Mieke Haase and her dedicated and enthusiastic team.

Feld Hommes is not just another uninspired product of an uninspired global player based on uninspired market research.

Feld Hommes was created with perseverance, professionalism and passion. And with a sense of fun. Th e result is an exceptional publication of exceptionally high quality, with an exceptional personality.

Feld Hommes is like its readers: Intelligent and inquisitive, entertaining, independent, respected and, on occasion, outspoken.

Feld Hommes looks at the world from fresh and unconventional perspectives. With verve. And with a strong sense of curiosity.

Feld Hommes sets new standards in design and editorial content. Nationally and internationally, its graphics and photography redefi ne the boundaries of the possible.

Feld Hommes features editorial content that’s relevant to our target group. our readers are smart people in positions of responsibility, and our magazine speaks to them on their intellectual level.

Feld Hommes is glossy – but not superficial.